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Nike Shox TL

The Nike Shox range recently became known to the world, with the launch just a few months ago. The launch of the Nike Shox TL came into the spotlight with some assistance from the Comme des Garcons runway show by Rei Kawabuko. Ever since these new shoes from Nike continue to appeal to fans and designers alike with their superior make and wonderful aesthetic.

The initial attraction for the Nike Shox TL stems from its color scheme. Offering a range that includes black, metallic hematite, and max orange, the colors that one can find in these shoes are highly attractive and eye-catching. Along with this, the make of the Nike Shox TL is unique and innovative. Combining high grade nylon and mesh which have been done in all-black, giving the shoe a thoroughly crisp and dark look that catches both the light and the eye.

The entanglement of black nylon and mesh are laid down atop the impressively large Shox bottom. The shimmering and shining hardshells cut up towards the sole and into the nylon uppers, while the matte of the mesh gives off a far more tough and smooth look. While the show looks like a large dose of black on the first viewing, a closer look reveals that it’s actually quite a different number of shades which help the show get its overall sleek look.

Called the Triple Black edition due to its variance of black throughout the body of the show, the Nike Shox TL’s variety is perfectly exhibited by the orange streaks that are accentuated in certain areas of the shoe, offering it greater variety and a more varied aesthetic. It’s a shoe that has earned the attention being given to it and is bound to make a big splash as soon as it becomes available to the public.

The Nike Shox TL is all set for launch soon on the Nike online store as well as all general retailers. This much awaited and celebrated shoe is currently being listed at $170.


Men's (8-13) $170

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