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The Rockways GTS Basketball Tournament by GBNY.

We held another basketball tournament within the local teams of Rockway Beach in the borough of Queens in New York City on August 17th,2019, officially known as The Rockaways GTS Basketball tournament. It was an eight-team single-elimination tournament near the GB'S Rockaway Beach location. The competition was fierce and exclusive; we had a large group of highly motivated players from different parts from the borough of Queens. Furthermore, we also sponsored all of the tournament uniforms in multiple colors and premium material and detailing, which all the players loved. The tournament had many rounds, eliminating few teams and leaving the best ones to compete in the final. All the players were very passionate and excited with their GBNY Gear.
 Moreover, we also sponsored the banner of this tournament — the name of the competition alongside with GBNY logo printed on the banner. The players love to wear GBNY, high-quality basketball shirts.
. The winning team received the eight NIKE/Air Jordan sneakers pairs. The whole tournament went outstanding, and we saw the high sportsmanship spirit and teamwork throughout the matches. We congratulate the winning players and good luck to all the team players for their bright future. Stay tuned with GB's sports for further information.  

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