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Air Jordan 11 Retro Pink Snakeskin

It was back in 2001 that the world was introduced to the Air Jordan’s patented snakeskin design. Within a matter of a few hours, it had become a fan favorite. On the 19th of April, another advancement in the form of Air Jordan 11 Retro Low Blue Snakeskin was released to the world. Deemed as a classic because of the nuanced infusions of blue through the snakeskin and sole, it became a pair everyone wanted.

Now, we present to you the Air Jordan 11 Retro Pink Snakeskin that will be released to the market on the 7th of May. It is considered to be the true pink that you have been waiting for since the earlier versions of coral and magenta. Taking on the same nuance offered by the blue snakeskin, these new versions are what you have been waiting for. 

This retro pink snakeskin design is one that has already captured the attention of many through the initial photo releases. The shoe, along with the detailing on the heel –a homage to Michael Jordan’s comeback back in 1995- was originally featured by Drake a while ago.  However, it is now set to be released in stores by the 7th so that they are available for public use.

The best part about this new development is the contrast between the pink snakeskin and the cream colored low base of the shoe. Similarly, the white leather above the snakeskin compliments the pink hue just as the signature black badge of the Air Jordan 11’s sits in the middle in order to add the hint of darkness needed.

You can count on your summer to be all the more exciting with a pair of Air Jordan 11 Retro Pink Snakeskin shoes designed for women starting at the price of $185. In order to cater to a much larger customer base, the shoe size goes up to a 14.5. You can count on us to provide you with a pair for your family members as soon as the chic new design enters the market.



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