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Celebrating Michael Jordan’s first three NBA championships, the Air Jordan 6, 7 and 8 are all part of the upcoming series titled “Reflection of a Champion”. The Air Jordan 8 has a special reflective upper instead of a white one that differentiates it from its older counterpart, the “Bugs Bunny 8s”. Although it still has its original tongue pattern with the iconic colors red, white and black. Tiny holes in the inner layers of the shoes make up its unique design with the texture that is already so widely adored among fans. The straps around the outer parts complete the look with an emboss printing of the brand name and a neutral shade that compliments the subtlety of the item.

While reflective hits have become a common entry into the Jordan Brand Swatch, their magnificence is still quite breathtaking. One look at the signature reflective uppers is all you need to differentiate between a regular sneaker and a Jordan.

There is no denying of the fact that the utilization of metallic uppers in footwear has never been more iconic. The shimmering armor-like layer on top of the masterpieces give it that perfect touch of luxury while also not compromising on the comfort achieved from it. There is literally no better choice of sporty, yet casual footwear; all in one.

The reflective edition of the “Bugs Bunny” Air Jordan is sure to turn heads wherever it goes. Extreme comfort paired with the most outstanding visual appearance; it just does not get better than this. Set to release on the 8th of June, the Reflective Bugs Bunny Air Jordan 8 is priced at an unanticipated $225. While this might seem like a hefty amount to pay for a pair of sneakers, the Air Jordans are not just any sneaker. Loosen up some dollars from your pocket and bring home what will be perhaps the greatest addition to your footwear collection so far.

Look for your favorite pair at or at other select stores across the country and get your hands on the coolest pair of shoes in town before they sale out.

Releasing 6/8/2019
Men's (8-14) $225


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