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GBNY Charity Raffle for Children's Aid Foundation

GBNY Charity Raffle Air Jordan 13 Lucky Green on 26th Of September 2020


GBNY for the first time conducted a charity raffle with the Air Jordan 13 Lucky Green to fundraise for the Children's Aid Foundation. At Children’s Aid, they help children in poverty to succeed and thrive. They do this by providing comprehensive support to children, youth, and their families in targeted high-needs New York City neighborhoods.

"We believe all kids have limitless potential. But for those growing up surrounded by poverty, family instability, and physical or emotional stress, life is too often about survival, not possibility. It’s unacceptable that in New York, a city of historic opportunity, so many of our children face serious barriers to realizing their own promise. We know what it takes to ensure children grow up strong and healthy, and ready to thrive in school and life: excellent education and health care, social-emotional support, and strong, stable families." - Children's Aid

About the Children's Aid Foundation:

Children’s aid is a foundation dedicated to children's support and guidance. Their aim is to help children dealing with poverty, physical or emotional stress, instability, and survival. The barriers and challenges faced by the children in uncertain and unfavorable circumstances, the organization helps them to learn, grow, and lead a strong, healthy, and lighthearted life. Their focus is segmented into three sections:

  • Education: Children’s Aid supports various programs and events towards educational services such as High School Equivalency Programs, Foster Care Educational Services which boost children's curiosity and passion towards studies
  • Health and Nutrition: Children's aid programs are designed to provide a proper diet and nutrition to children for a strong and healthy life. They also focus on the children's behavior, and wellness related to their body and mind.
  • Community Building: Children's aid also offers help and support to the families and communities with the aim to strengthen the communities. 

This raffle was a tremendously successful raffle with 842 Raffle entries which got us collections of $4210. 10 winners were selected out of them 5 winners were for Men's sizes and remaining 5 were Grade School sizes. 

It was a hopeful event for the contribution to the foundation. Around 100 raffle entries on the Day 1 of the announcement of charity raffle left us in high spirits from the customers and their zeal to help the children. Following the days, the raffle tickets kept coming and on the release day of the sneaker, at 6 PM EST, 10 winners were announced who were from different states of the United States. All the collections will be donated to the Children's Aid Foundation who will be definitely elated from the response they got from this event and would continue to be proud to help the children in need.

After the success of this event, GBNY is definitely looking forward to conducting many more events like this in the near future which would help us to give back to society and the community in whatever means we could. 


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