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GB's got talent is back; we developed this platform for talented people to come on stage and showcased their talent at our Jamaica Collessum Mall location. This is the 2nd season and Episode 1 of our show, and it was held in honor of the Nike Air Max 270 react sneakers by Nike. The time to give back to the community that has given us so much throughout the year is what we do.

We had an incredibly talented gathering of dancers, rappers, and vocalists for season five, including youth performances. We realize we originate from one of the most gifted states in the country. However, this last scene demonstrated that you are never too young even to showcase your talent.



Judges: Jaque

Host: Anthony James

DJ: DJ Shadow


We picked up three winners, and a react sneaker was awarded to the first place, A T-shirt for the second place, and a Hat for the third place.


Lastly, we were amazed as ever by the performances of the participants, and we are confident we will see many of their names in lights someday soon. We had such a fantastic bunch of talented artists performs, and we wish them good luck and success fast.

We cherish removing the multi-day from the month to feature the local talent of the state and giving them a platform to show their incredible expertise. We love to see the excitement of the people for season 5, and we come again with the new talent. We started this on Instagram and asked our participants to send their talent videos, and we get to them soon. If anyone of you wants to participate in our next GB's got talent show, you can email us your videos on

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