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Nike Air Jordan 10 Retro SE “Ember Glow”

The Nike Air Jordan 10 is a classic that has been widely celebrated and enjoyed by customers for years. Now the Air Jordan 10 is back with a twist: it’s bringing out a new shoe that has been exclusively developed and launched just for kids. Hence, now the little ones can have a Nike Jordan 10 Retro SE that they can claim all for themselves.

The Nike Air Jordan 10 Retro SE “Ember Glow”, besides the long name, are aptly named due to their design and color scheme. The color scheme one can find on these shows includes shades such as orange contrast for the cross-stitching, matte black, Ember Glow, and Barely Volt. The stitching goes all along the sides of the shoe and covers each and every seam along the leathery white uppers. It’s a beautiful color scheme that combines the best of multiple colors and balances them all with a simple white. The Ember Glow lines the entire sole, while the matte black along the laces is entwined with some orange stitching.

The design of this new Air Jordan 10 for kids is the same as the traditional one seen for years. The Air Jordan 10s are widely recognized for their specific design, which seems fairly simple and revels in that simplicity. Offering a simple shoe that cuts down towards the back towards the heel, the shoe provides maximum comfort. However, for kids such a thing is not as important as the shoe looking cool, which it does with quite some ease. The Ember Glow along the sole and the mixture of white and black make for something very appealing and special.

Offering great design and a colorful range of vibrant and appealing strokes filling the shoe from top to bottom, the Nike Air Jordan 10 Retro SE “Ember Glow” is going to prove quite popular with the age group it has been made for. The shoe is officially launching on the 5th of July on the Nike online store and the regular shoe retailers that stock Nike around you.

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