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Nike Kobe 4 "Carpe Diem"

Carpe Diem is back! With the NBA season officially just a few weeks away, various brands have taken this opportunity to ramp up the excitement with exciting new series. One of them is the Nike Kobe 4 ‘Carpe Diem’ series. At first, it was back in 2009 that such a shoe was released for the market and supported by Brianna Green, a cohost of an NBA podcast. It was one shoe that became an instant hit. So much so that here we are, 10 years later, witnessing a similar event.
In honor of Kobe Bryant, the Kobe 4 series feature the same Carpe Dien logo that it once did back it 2009. Bringing back this beloved, and unique, feature has been widely appreciated by many throughout the globe. True fans will take a closer look at the color scheme and immediately place is back to the 2009 NBA playoffs in which these shoes were always seen on the feet of Kobe Bryant as he went to fight for his championship. Just like the previous one, 2019’s Kobe 4 Carpe Diem’s will be featuring the Flywire technology on the sides of the show all the while maintaining the dark, black, base color of the show. The point of creativity shine through the mesmerizing design of stripes and grids in bright yellow –ensuring an instant appeal. Paired with the purple outline and heel of the shoe, it embodies the Lakers’ color scheme and
celebrates it fully. For those who are keen supporters and fans of Kobe Bryant, rejoice! The initials of the basketball player along with his jersey number, 24, have been incorporated into the insoles as well as dented into the heels of the shoe. With a smooth and
aesthetic signature of ‘Kobe’ placed right at the bottom corner, the shoe makes for one astounding tribute to the team and the player.
If you are looking to get a Nike Kobe 4 Protro Carpe Diem, you have come to the right place. They have been set to be released on the 1 st of June this year leaving only a week of eager anticipation to be tolerated. For a price of 175 dollars, we can help you get your hands on this exclusive series so that you can start of the NBA season with a bang.

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