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Nike React Presto

If you’re looking for something similar to the Nike Air Presto, but excited and improved dramatically, the new Nike React Presto series is perfect for you. It is taking inspiration from the original model. Nike came up with a modification that enhances the features and comfort of this particular style of shoe. The best part about the Presto series has always been the spunky look and the cheeky humor that surrounded it –with the various models being given characters like ‘Unholy Cumulus’ or ‘Shady Milkman.’ It was a perfect mix of fun and advanced technology created to facilitate the buyer.
The new Nike React Presto series not only maintains but improves the comfortable vibe of the original. Now equipped with react technology which shapes the shoe to your feet, the Presto series also has a brand new midfoot cage style. While the lace loops have been incorporated, a new development comes in the form of the Nike React foam stuffing. The altered heel now includes
and a crash pad just as the tongue now allows for multiple lacing options.
In a similar fashion to the Nike Air Presto, the React Presto series has been given character names that encompass the style of the shoe. You can find them in the following models:
  • Psychedelic Lava
  • Chatty Matador
  • Breezy Thursday
  • Witness Protection
  • Shady Milkman (the react series)
  • Unholy Cumulus (the react series)
  • Brutal Honey
  • Rogue Kielbasa
Each of these characters allows for a different color scheme to be incorporated. Depending on your preference, you can opt for the trippy green, the blue and orange color scheme of the Psychedelic lava or the brown, black, white, and yellow of the Brutal Honey. Each personality is reflected in the way the shoe is brought out by the colors used.
By the 16th of May, this series was set out for release for $120 a pair. If you are looking for a couple of your own, contact us, and we will be able to help you get your hands on this new and exclusive release.

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