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Can Raptors maintain their 45.5 game wins next season?

It almost end of the summer and it seems like the only team not being talked about right now is the NBA champion Toronto Raptors. Well it does make sense to some extent losing Kawhi Leonard tranfer to Los Angeles Clippers is major setback at the moment. However, are the expectations swinging that violently into tepid waters? There’s still a collection of All-Star talent players on this team, regardless of the experience for example, three of Pascal Siakam, Kyle Lowry, and Marc Gasol, there’s at least the idea that this can be a team that runs back its defensive presence from a year ago. It wasn’t just Kawhi’s doing that the team’s nine-man rotation was able to quickly turn into the NBA’s most ferocious defense over single possessions.

We all know that Summer in NBA takes all about hyperbole, so this is nothing new for the first week of August. We don’t have real stuff to argue about. Looking at next season, though, I think that some easy money can be made by hammering the over on the Raptors winning 45.5 games

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