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Nike Air More Uptempo ‘96 QS

The Nike classic Air More Uptempo has always been treated as something special and has seen much attention diverted towards it over the years. This particular shoe line has seen many upgrades, with the Swoosh brand going a bit wild with them sometimes. However, the new rendition in the long front of Uptempo ‘96 QS is much more down to earth.
This new QS model retains some critical aspects from the original model that appeared in 1996. The latest colorway of the Air More Uptempo ‘96 QS showcases an understated approach that still makes a final appearance due to an unmissable pattern all along with the shoe.
These new sneakers support a massive “AIR” branding that is supported by a backdrop featuring black grain leather, which takes the form of an upper. The “AIR” branding is made yet more imposing by the lettering, which is aptly desert camouflaged white-trimmed. The rear of the “AIR” letters consists of swirling earthy tones, with embroidery on the pattern displaying a white Swoosh.
However, not all of the shoe is as bombastic and eye-catching as this. Some sections aim to take things down a notch. The rubber midsole of the shoe is finished in black and have matching sock liner, tongue, and pull tabs. On the other hand, the laces on the sneaker are stark white, which creates an exciting contrast. However, whether the toning down affects or not depends on the viewer’s point of view.
This new Air More Uptempo is an excellent balance between the old and new. It utilizes the strengths of the classic shoe and updates it in an unobtrusive manner that enhances rather than obfuscates. It is a high sneaker that combines different generations seamlessly and offers something beautiful.
If you want to buy the Nike Air More Uptempo ‘96, you can find it in stores and online on the 10th of August for $160.

Nike Air More Uptempo '96 QS
Releasing 8/10/2019
Men's (7.5-14) $160

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