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Nike Air Max 1 Sketch to Shelf "White Schematic"

With a keen eye and using his architectural knowledge in sneaker design, Tinker Hatfield is the founder of numerous popular Nike silhouettes. He is the man behind Air Max 1, Air Jordan 3 to 15 and the Nike Air Trainer.

The Nike’s graphic of ‘Sketch to Shelf’ and ‘Schematic’ Air Max 1 sneakers garnered much buzz, and now the official image of the pair has been released. The three sneakers feature a lot of graphic accents. Now, the white Nike Schematic sneaker is a lot like the black version but comes with its handwritten prints that look pretty cool, making it a great street-style sneaker to don in the summers.

The monochrome Schematic shoes along with the Sketch to Shelf with its doodles drawn on it directly takes after Tinker Hatfield’s original illustrations. There is a whole array of careful and thoughtful covering the upper that also includes the notes for fabrics, the intended colors, and the shapes to be utilized on the finished design.

The Nike Air Max 1 Sketch to Shelf White Schematic comes neat and clean with the favorite combo ever- black and white. The color theme pays homage to Hatfield’s sketches he did back in the 80s. The shoe features a White base with black outlining and accents all over. This writing on the boots is the highlight. The liner reads ’Schematic, Property of Nike, Not For Resale.’

The Air Max Sketch to Shelf silhouettes explores the entire process and making of Air Max complete with detailed notes and sketches which doodles across the shoe. The signs are in schematic colorways with contrasting stitching. The heel features Hatfield’s signature, which gives the shoe an appearance of a blueprint.

The Nike Air Max 1 ‘Sketch To Shelf’ is all set to release on August 9th at the set retail price of $150.


Releasing 8/9/2019
Men's (7.5-13) $150
Boy's (4-7) $150


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