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Undoubtedly, the co-creation of Nike SB and Jordan has to be the one sneakers enthusiasts have been looking forward to. The Air Jordan 1 is the world’s favorite. Peter Moore was the one behind designing the Jordan one. The piece originally released from 1985 to 1986. During that time, selected models were manufactured and that, too, of few different variations. The shoe made a comeback in 2001. But, it wasn’t until the year 2008 in which Jordan Brand again released Jordan 1 with its original high cut. The new release of Air Jordan 1 features the collaboration of Jordan and Nike SB in the form of colorways that includes a DIY style. At $175, the shoes seem to be inspired by the cities of New York and Pair. Air Jordan 1 has two colors Light Bone/Light Bone/Crimson Tint-Hyper Pink-Black and all set to launch on May 25th. One of the hues, Light Bone and grey leather upper with Black Swoosh and ankle collar, would most definitely remind you of the Los Angeles Lakers color palette. It has a more neutral look which is highlighted with wear-away paint. You would see the regular tones until the top layer of the upper begins to fade away and a new set of colors is revealed underneath. AJ 1’s L outer layers of Light Bone hue could be worn away or manipulated over time to showcase a more happening shade of Hyper Pink on the Swish along with the Crimson Tint on most of the overlays. The Black one would reveal a Pink color which goes perfectly with the insoles revealing color blocking of Chicago theme. Whereas, the Grey reveals an Orange tone which is quite similar to Nigel Jordan 1. Remember, the second layer would expose with gradual wear and tear making it look natural. If you give it a quick look, all of these vibrant nuances have reduced visibility around the edges of the sneakers. At the same time, the wear-away quality would allow every individual to customize their own look. This way the shoes remain unique to the wearer. Then there are the Nike SB tongue labels paired with the branded insoles.

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