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Nike Zoom LeBron 3 ‘SVSM’

As one of the most talented, successful, and celebrated players, LeBron James is the center inspiration of many shoe designs. To pay homage to the player himself, the organizations that made him whom he needs to be given a special mention –something that Nike has done with the creation of the new Nike Zoom LeBron 3 ‘SVSM.’ It honors his platform for learning basketball, Saint Vincent-Saint Mary High school as well as his home town.
It is the first time, in thirteen years, that LeBron 3 is returning to retailers worldwide for purchase by the public. Its retro style defined the 2006 model through 2 models; Home and Away. Both based around the same color scheme, the same design but offering a different overall aesthetic. Now through the Zoom LeBron 3 ‘SVSM,’ the same vibe is channeled through in celebration of his origins.
The very first thing that you notice about the new LeBron 3 model is the pure white leather upper textured with ridges. As you absorb the brightness of the white, your eye settle son, the hints of green on the sole, tongue, and inner lining of the shoe. If you turn your eyes to the heel, you will notice a four leaf clover embroidered on the very top.
What makes the shoe particularly unique is the gold bracelets and swoosh logo on the edge and side of the shoe, respectively. Right next to the bracelets, your eyes will drift over the detailed logo of ‘SVSM’ on the side –a feature that makes you appreciate the thought that went into the design of this model. While you would assume this would mark the end of the aesthetic features of the shoe, there is more; as you look at the insole, you will notice the official logo of the Fighting Irish stitched right in the middle. Thus, the whole look of the shoe comes together, effectively relaying the theme without having to make it blatantly obvious.
The Nike Zoom LeBron 3 ‘SVSM’ was released to the market on the 23rd of May, just a few days ago. The official price of these expensive shoes is set to be at $175 and is available for purchase through various authentic retailers, like us. A pair of these as your support your favorite player this season –there is no better way to be a part of the 2019 NBA.

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