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Nike PG 3 ‘Iridescent’

The NBA playoffs in April said goodbye to Paul George and the Oklahoma City Thunder as they fought against the Portland Trail Blazers. Their loss in the first round of playoffs marked the end of their participation in the NBA. Despite the occurrence of such an event, the Nike PG 3 ‘Iridescent’ still possesses an appealing factor.
This particular model retains the black base color all through the shoe with hints of iridescent material, giving it life on the edges. Upon closer inspection of the footwear, you will notice a black lack that overlays the leather upper –giving the shoe more textural variety. As you drop towards the bottom, your eyes are swept away by the seemingly multi-colored hues in the strap on the midfoot. Not only do you see this material being used for the belts but also the iconic swoosh logo right above the grey-white rubber sole of the shoe which encases the Zoom Air midsole.
On the checkered tongue of the shoe, you will notice a label that says ‘P. George’ –a subtle way to pay homage to the player. With the insoles and heel are containing the ‘Nike Basketball’ print, an overall mystical look promoted through the Nike PG 3 ‘Iridescent.’
While the previous models like Nike PG 3 ‘Apollo Missions’ had a detailed source of inspiration, the base idea or theme behind this new model is still unknown. However, that is not something that discouraged individuals from buying the upgrade world over since its release on the 1st of May this year. At the official price of 110 dollars, we can provide you with a pair so that you can look as chic as the rest throughout this year’s NBA.

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