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GB Sneakers’ Customer Service is a Key Factor in Their Success

Christian Louboutin once said, “A shoe is not only a design, but it’s a part of your body language, the way you walk. The way you’re going to move is quite dictated by your shoes.” What Louboutin said is significantly observed in this generation, a generation wherein appearances somehow define a big part of the person’s personality.

Also, as people usually say, first impressions last. Everyone wants to look presentable, comfortable, and fashionable all in one, and a look is usually completed by choice of footwear – hence, the boom of various retail stores that offer shoes of different styles that would fit different personalities and pegs. 

One of the stores that provide a one-stop-shop for a variety of shoe designs is GBNY, GB Sneakers. They currently have stores located in four different sites in New York, which operates every day. They offer a wide selection of shoes from known brands such as Puma, Fila, Reebok, Diadora, Converse, Vans, and Timberland. They also have the latest Nike and Jordan releases.

What makes them different from other shoe stores is that they pride themselves on providing the best customer service. They have trained personnel that can assist any customer efficiently from fetching the right size up to giving suggestions to which one will be a better fit for the customer. They know that shoes have become a statement lately; hence, everyone in their store strives to keep themselves updated on the latest trends in the shoe industry. Their staff is also meticulously selected to assure the customers that their requests and queries are professionally handled. 

They had celebrities come to their stores, namely, Erica Mena, Kim Kardashian, Justin Combs, Casanova, Jadakiss, Jim Jones, and Meek Mill. But not everyone is a high profile customer. Everyone can come in, and the friendly staff members of GB Sneakers are always ready to accommodate. One of their principles is that regardless of age, race, religion, or sexuality, everyone is welcome. 

Aside from excellent customer service, they made sure that the design of the store itself will give justice to the beauty of the shoes they sell. The store was decorated in such a way that it would give a modern yet sophisticated look while ensuring that each shoe has a chance to showcase its beauty. It is a well-thought-out design providing a well-lit space for the products, which could help the customers find the perfect pair for them. Aside from shoes, they also carry some clothing lines from known brands. GB Sneakers have various activities conducted in their stores, such as a monthly talent show to help the youths, a monthly shopping spree for a chance to win $1000, and many more. 

Online shopping vastly became a new way of shopping, especially in this pandemic. The ease of buying products by a few clicks away without having to leave the safety of their homes is a game-changer in the selling industry. GB Sneakers upped their game by having an online store that can cater to anyone around the world. They offer free shipping to anywhere in the United States, and also deliver internationally at a sensible shipping price. Even online, they still value their customers by providing them excellent customer service by being available to attend to the customers’ needs over the line. 

Recently, Justin Dior Combs, the son of Sean “Diddy” Combs, announced on his Instagram that he is now a part of GBNY’s family. He posted a video of him going around the store as he says, “Come to my store.”

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