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Got Talent Season 2 Episode 2, our Jamaica Collessum Mall location saw a huge gathering of rappers, singers, dancers, musicians, bands, music and sneaker fans. The idea here is to bring the best talent and give the performers a stage to showcase them.

The show was hosted by @swaggyallthetime and DJ Shadow made the atmosphere more musical. Over twenty-five participants showcased their talent in the presence of honorable celebrity judge Mariahlynn. It was really difficult for the judge to pick only the top three winners. This episode saw some electrifying performances by the participants. The show ended with us giving out prizes to the winners of this episode, Bando boog third place, L smith second place, Lil Synt 1st place. We at GBs wish all the participants good luck and hope their dreams come true. We hope to see more creative and electrifying performances in the next episode for GB'S.

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