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"Have A Nike Day"

We've all been told to "have a nice day" at one point or another but have you ever been told to "Have A Nike Day"? Well with the release of Nike's latest collection, you have. Dropping Friday, March 1st is Nike's newest hit "Have A Nike Day". This collection is following in the "Just Do It" collections footsteps and proves to be just as popular, as it has a sneaker for everyone. Whether you're a fan of 97s, 95s, or Air More Money's, this collection has something to offer you.
Nike doesn't skip a beat. Using another one of their retro slogans, the Have a Nike Day collection has been at the tip of everyone's tongues ever since they first caught a glimpse. Although the pack is comprised of over 15 models, they all standout on their own. This collection has been talked about since last year when the rumors began to circle about the swoosh smiley face and Air Max day. Once again, Nike did not disappoint. Our GBNY fam has been requesting to get a pair since we first posted up the 95s, 97s, air force 1s, and more the week before they were dropping. 
Maybe it's the classic smiley face with the swoosh smile, or the slogan, or maybe it's the color combination, it could be all the above. These kicks are destined to be an instant hit and an instant classic as soon as they are released to the public. There's more than enough models to choose from: Nike Air Max 95, Nike Air Max 97, Air Max 1, Air Max 270, Air Force 1 high, and low, and a Nike Air More Money. They offer men's, women's, and kids sizes in the varying models as well as different colors and color combinations, all within the same family. The designs across the board are smooth and undoubtedly will put a smile on your face. Nike chose to go with a kind of vintage pastel color palette mostly including Indigo Storm, Hyper Jade, Bleached Coral, and so much more. Whether you choose one or all of them is up to you, just remember to Have A Nike Day :)

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