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Nike Air Max 720 "Nature Pack"

Nike came back with new color ways for one of their latest hits, the Air Max 720. We already laid out the specifics of the 720s with the release of the first breakout hit, Nike Air Max 720 "Northern Lights" but it doesn't hurt to give a quick recap. This is the LARGEST air bubble Nike has ever came out with, even bigger than the 270 that was boasted to have the biggest air pocket. The bubble even goes all around the shoe, which helps it to be ultra comfortable as well as give it a cool, futuristic look. It truly feels like walking on clouds, but with a little bounce back, maybe more like walking on Jell-o. Whatever you liken it to, just know your feet will be in heaven. The latest breakout stars of the 720 collection are all nature inspired color ways. 

This month, Nike brings us a few new Air Max 720s: Total Eclipse, Pink Sea, Green Carbon/Sea Forest, and Desert. It's hard to say which color is the "best" because they all stand out on their own. They officially release on February 28th and have already garnered a lot of attention and interest. Each color scheme is essentially gender neutral although they are available in either men's or women's sizes but there really is something for everyone. Unofficially called the "Nature Pack" these 720s are sure to go fast so make sure you secure your pair with us ASAP! 

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