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Article: How to choose the best tennis shoes for women

How to choose the best tennis shoes for women

How to choose the best tennis shoes for women

Sneakers in the modern age take advantage of years of in-depth study into the best designs possible. The good news for women is that modern sneaker designs have come a long way, and are now available with the female foot shape and even the different gaits of women specifically in mind.

Nike is some of the best for this, with the company doing plenty of research that has resulted in women’s sneakers that allow for broader forefeet and a narrower heel. Therefore, if you’re looking for the best tennis shoes for women, Nike has a large variety to offer you.

What’s the difference?

Women tend to have a higher foot arch than men, which is why it’s so important that you give some consideration to buying sneakers specifically designed for your gender. When looking for tennis shoes, women, therefore, need to explore their options and try on a few different types until they find the right fit for their unique foot shape.

Not all tennis shoes are the same

When it comes to buying shoes for sport, it’s key to remember that not all shoes are one and the same. This should also apply to your tennis shoes. Although it may be hard to decide on the shoes you need, it’s best to sit down and deliberate the type of tennis you play. For instance, one of the most important questions to ask is ‘what surface do I play on?’

  • Clay court: There’s a huge need for stability and lateral support when it comes to playing on a clay court. You need great grip (dust clay courts don’t offer a lot of traction). You’ll also need durable sides that can withstand you sliding to reach the balls and an outsole that doesn’t leave grooves and markings on the court.
  • Grass court: We all understand that grass can become slippery, and so you need to invest in Nike tennis shoes for women that offer considerable resistance to a wet and slippery surface. However, there is less need for durable outsoles because a grass court is softer.
  • Hard court: You desperately need a strong and durable outsole, as well as good cushioning and bounce, otherwise the court isn’t going to be forgiving to your legs and feet.

Ask the experts

If you’re buying your sneakers from the high street, the chances are that you're going to end up with some bad advice. Most of the sports stores that you'll find are notorious when it comes to employing staff who barely know the difference between Nike and Converse, so it’s essential that you get the right advice when it comes to finding popular women’s tennis shoes.

Key questions that should be asked by your server: A good sneaker store staff member will ask a number of questions when it comes to your tennis shoe purchase, and you should be able to tell if you're in the right place just by the quality of the questions asked.

Here's what you should be checking for:

  • Sneaker use: There are such a wide range of sneaker options, and no two will suit your needs perfectly. If your server isn't clarifying exactly how you’ll be using your sneakers, then you're in the wrong place.
  • Your unique needs: Your server should definitely be asking some basic questions about your health and any existing injury issues that you may have. If they don’t, then they’re just pushing for a sale, and that's no way to be buying anything, let alone something as important as your new tennis sneakers.
  • Watching you move: It’s all well and good to try your new sneakers on in-store, but a good store will make sure that they see you walking and even jogging, just to be sure that the sneaker is the perfect fit for your needs. If your server knows that you will be using the sneakers for tennis or long-distance running, then they’ll have a much better idea of whether you need light slip on tennis shoes womens or shoes with more bounce in the sole.

Get the fit right

When it comes to choosing the right sneakers for you, it’s all about the right fit. If your new Nike’s are the best-looking shoes you've ever tried on but they don't quite fit right, then you're asking for calluses or black toenails.

Key fitting criteria:

  • Make sure that when your feet are being measured that you are standing up. Too many stores measure your feet when you're in a sitting position, which is obviously not ideal, and will definitely result in having the wrong measurement details.
  • Your sneakers need to be comfortable instantly, and if they’re not, then it’s time to try on the next pair of Nike shoes. Unlike more formal shoes, your sneakers should never need to be ‘broken in.’

Style over comfort when it comes to tennis shoes for women

Everyone has done it: you try on your sneakers and check yourself out in the mirror to see how good you look in your new footwear. As much as this is tempting, it shouldn't be your first test for your tennis shoes.

Always give more thought as to how they feel rather than how they look. This cannot be stressed enough. Your sneakers, whether they're meant for your sporting activities or even as a fashion accessory, will have been optimized for specific uses. Plus, when it comes to buying tennis shoes, there’s a whole array of cute and cool shoes that are just as practical as they are lovely to look at.

When it comes to buying the best sneakers for men or for women, remember that those optimized for sport can provide you with up to 50% more cushioning, allowing for maximum shock absorption. For tennis players, that can be significant enough. The good news is that once you've worked out exactly what your needs are, you can start to give serious thought to the look you want to achieve, and that’s always the most fun part when it comes to buying the very best for the tennis court.

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