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Nike Air Max Uptempo 95 ‘Blue Fury’

For all those who loved the 1995 Nike Air Max Uptempo, you’re in for a real treat. Just recently, Nike released a new version given the name ‘Blue Fury’ –a fresh take on the old classic. It is one shoe that is rejuvenating the spirit of comfort.
Many would remember the Air Max Uptempo of ’95 to be the bounciest shoe ever created. The way Nike achieved this feel was through the extensive incorporation of air cushioning into the sole of the shoe. Not only did it give a proper height, but each step was met by a push from the ground –propelling them upward in a comfortable motion. There was no denying that this new creation would become an instant hit.
Now, years later, we are getting the opportunity to go through the Air Max Uptempo experience yet again. In the spirit of summer, the shoe supports an overall blue color –hence the name ‘Blue Fury.’ In contrast to the immaculate white base, the overlaid light blue patent leather grabs all the attention it can get.
Equally as noticeable is the swoosh on the side of the shoe and the iconic ‘AIR’ brand logo on the eyelets, giving it more of a signature Air Max Uptempo look. The details are really what makes the shoe so unique; amongst all the blue and white, there are specs of gold decorated in the form of the Nike swoosh logo, heel and air bubbles towards the back of the shoe. They give the shoe a much-needed contrast to the two base colors.
The Nike Air Max Uptempo 95 Blue Fury was released on the 25th of April this year only to select retailers all across the world. If you are looking to purchase a pair for yourself, you have come to the right place. At the official selling price of $150, we provide you an avenue through which you can get a shoe which makes it seem like you’re walking on the clouds.

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