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Nike Zoom GP ‘Supersonics’

Back in 1996, one of the most exciting NBA finals was between the Sonics and the 72-10 Bulls. In celebration of the event, Nike came up with Gary Payton’s Zoom GP look –utterly representative of the player’s personality. Anyone who wore it was making a statement by supporting the ski boot look identical shoe. Ever since it’s one release, the Nike Zoom GP has not been brought back to the market –until now.
In honor of the high season played by the Sonics in the late ‘90s, a new version of the Zoom GP has been inspired by their apparel back in the day. The uniform they supported was just as festive and celebratory as their entire season leading up to the NBA finals. The 2019 version of the Zoom GP promises to uphold the same vibe through its color scheme, design, and features.
As you take a close look at the shoe, you will notice the deep green hue of the suede upper, the immaculate white leather at the base and the contrasting yellow tone in the form of outlines, laces, and sole. The red swoosh, tongue, and heel cannot go unnoticed either.
There are a few particular features that make the shoe look impossible suave; the swoosh on the upper flap and the back buckle that keeps it in place on the side. It’s the perfect shoe for someone wanting a unique but stylish look.
The Nike Zoom GP ‘Supersonics’ will release on the 18th of May on the official Nike website and to a few select retails across the globe. The particular style, keeping in line with the original look of the Zoom GP, and the festive occasion puts the shoe for $160. Go through your savings and contact us to get your hands on a brand new pair of the Zoom GP Supersonics!

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