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Nike Air Max Uptempo '95 "OG"

The Nike Air Max came into being all the way back in 1987. However, it languished for some years before finding its full form in 1995. 1995 was a big year for Nike Air Max. It saw a large series of new footwear that extended to all kinds of sports and categories to keep in line with the Air takeover of Nike. The strategy proved successful as 1995 is considered by many to be of Nike’s best years. One of the shoes leading this charge is the Nike Air Max Uptempo.

The Uptempo footwear line was actually formed a year prior. It was designed as a performance solution for athletes who wished to combine both power and finesse. The fact is that Scottie Pippens, then Chicago Bulls stalwart, is the person who inspired Nike to experiment with this hybrid style. After a year of designing and developing, the Air Max Uptempo was revealed to the public in late 1995. It was the first shoe which had a visible Air from heel to the toe. That was something that was found in the Air Max 95 running shoe as well, however the Uptempo offered much more encapsulated Air.

Just a year later, the Air Max Uptempo was available for the public and its popularity was at the very top. It was worn by the likes of popular players such as Pippens, Kevin Garnett, Chris Webber, Mitch Richmond, along with a host of other NBA stars. The shoe was also quite popular among the NCAA division, seen on college basketball legends such as Ray Allen, Miles Simon, and Tim Duncan. The “OG” colorway of the popular model includes white, black, and teal. However, the other variant that was quite popular during the fabled 72-10 run of the Chicago Bulls demands respect as well.

In April 2019, Nike brought back its Air Max Uptempo ’95 to commemorate one of its most iconic shoes. Look for it around you everywhere.

Nike Air Max Uptempo '95 "OG"
Releasing 6/15/2019
Men's (8-13) $160


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