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Nike Basketball – LeBron XVI

As the 2019 NBA has been scheduled to officially start in June of this year,
excitement rages throughout the globe. One of the most prominent teams in history has been the Lakers with 16 NBA banners suspended for display in their rafters. In order to pay homage to the excellent performance delivered season after season, Nike Basketball created the LeBron 16 in anticipation of the 17 the banner expected to be hung up, joining the rest. There is no better way to celebrate by honoring the past victories and new prominent Laker’s captain LeBron James.
Through the official photos of the shoe released, you will be able to notice the NBA spirit that it encompasses. The 16 years of prominent victories embroidered at the back in a baby blue thread celebrates the success of the Lakers as a team
throughout the course of time. Coupled with the purple Battleknit 2.0 purple and gold upper, the shoe screams support for the Lakers from far away. The tab of the heel is decorated by stripes intended to resemble old Lakers uniforms thus making the shoe an ideal way to pay homage to the team. As you look for more, you notice the small details that make the shoe all the more unique. The black and purple LJ crown and LeBron’s jersey number, 23, take center stage right at the front of the shoe. Further in, the insole also supports his initials matching the font used by the Lakers. As one of the biggest basketball stars, this tribute is one that is being appreciated by fans all across the globe. There is no better way to kick start the season than with a pair of the Nike Basketball LeBron 16s on your feet. The official date of release was set for the 18 th of May this year. For 185 dollars, you can get your pair from any local provider. You can even get in touch with us and we will hook you up with a pair so that you can gear up for another phenomenal season this year.
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