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BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT: GB’S Classic powered by Crunch Time Basketball

We held a basketball tournament within the regional teams of New York City and Nassau County on May 18th,2019, officially known as GB's Men Basketball Classic and powered by Crunch time Basketball. It was an eight-team single-elimination tournament. The competition was fierce and exclusive; we had a large group of highly motivated players from different parts of the city and Long Island. Furthermore, we also sponsored all of the tournament uniforms, which all the players loved. The tournament had many rounds, eliminating few teams and leaving the best ones to compete in the final. All the players were very passionate and excited with their GBNY Gear. All the produced basket uniforms dependent on the competition, player, and team prevalence. Therefore, on a team level, there are heaps of Bulls, Knicks, and Lakers shirts. On a player level, there are shirts with GBNY logo.
Moreover, GBNY banner of this tournament — the name of the competition alongside with GBNY logo printed on the banner. The players love to wear GBNY, high-quality basketball shirts. The player and team uniform is always a memorable thing for the fans. The fans are excited to wear GBNY shirts. The design of the shirt is unique and classical. The organizers of the tournament called it the best high-definition shirt for basketball players. As, basketball sports requires skill, technique talent, and teamwork. That's why the basketball shirt also needs to be classical and lightweight. So, the players can feel enjoyable and relaxed in their uniform.
After the tournament ends, many of the people rushed to GBNY stores to get the GBNY basketball shirts and uniform of their favorite team. It was a good experience, and they like the lightweight, soft cotton fit, classic shirts. You can also wear it in tennis court, basketball court or in the GYM while working out. The design of the shirt reflects the strength of the teams. Also, the use of vibrant solid colors has an excellent effect on players. The coaching staff and team management also like the shirts worn by the players in the tournament.
The winners of the tournament also got 8 Nike sneakers sponsored by GBNY. The winning team received the eight NIKE sneakers pairs. Nike sneakers are classical and comfortable footwear.
The winning team players cherish the Nike sneakers. The whole tournament went outstanding, and we saw the high sportsmanship spirit and teamwork throughout the matches. We congratulate the winning players and good luck to all the team players for their bright future. Stay tuned with GB's sports for further information.

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