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Nike Shox R4 – Neymar Jr Series

The Nike Shox R4 was introduced to the world back in the early 2000s. It generated all the hype and rave due to its unique design, the infamous swoosh, and metallic hues. Its popularity allowed the brand to expand the Shox R4 series that took off due to their momentary popularity but eventually fizzled out. Now in 2019, the Neymar Jr series allows for the Shox R4 to make a strong comeback.
As one of the biggest and most popular athletes, Neymar’s collaboration with Nike for the Shox R4 series is all anyone can talk about. With the official release date being set for the 30 th of May, fans wait in eager anticipation to get their hands on the customized shoe. Not so long ago, the final look of the shoe was released
through an Instagram post by Neymar himself. He supported the hip and vibrant looking shoe, one of the two models set to be released, that had fans in awe –so much so that even Drake was seen wearing a pair right after.
Inspired by the collaboration with Neymar, Nike incorporated a new and reformed look to the Shox R4 series. The first model is said to be representative of the festive markets in Brazil –home of the famous football player. With the base color of black, the shoe relays the watermelon theme with a neon red, orange yellow and green gradient running up. In order to retain the original look as well, a different style is set to accompany the first one; the difference lying in the silver and white metallic colors incorporated. If you take a look at the initial Shox R4 designs, you will notice a resemblance.
Besides the obvious revamp via color scheme, the massive swoosh logo, now small, is also seen to be placed on the toe instead of the side panel of the shoe. For the silver white model, you can see tiny swoosh signs all across the side. Paired with the red pillars and the personal branding, this shoe is the perfect fit for someone wanting to give a nod to Neymar. While the official price has not been released yet, keep a keen eye out for the days leading up to the 30 of May –the official release date of the shoe. Stay in touch with local, authentic, providers or contact us to get your pair before you miss your

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