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Article: Nike Shoes for Women | Why We Love Them!

Nike Women Sneakers

Nike Shoes for Women | Why We Love Them!

Nike is synonymous with sports. They have led the field with their innovations in footwear and sports apparel since 1964, combining new technologies with sleek design that appeals to office workers and marathon runners alike. Yet, what makes them such a huge success and sets them apart from their competitors?


The dramatic rise of athleisure within our culture has seen an increase of women sneaker lovers. Once the realm of men, women are now more catered for to satisfy their sneaker obsession than ever before – this has not gone unnoticed by Nike.

Their spring 2018 collection of shoes include:

The Jordan collection has been designed by a near all women team who have made sure that the shoes are both functional and fashionable at the same time. They’ve listened to what women want, and have embraced metallics, pastels, and satins for the iconic high-top Jordans, creating a collection of cute running shoes for women. What is there not to love about that?


Another reason for Nike’s success is that they have never taken their success for granted. They constantly strive to better their shoes and improve on the designs with their users in mind.

Nike’s Explore Team Sport Research Lab is where the technical magic of the shoe design happens. Their research and development is central to their success at making innovative shoes that people want to wear to help them reach their full performance potential no matter what they are using the shoes for. They understand that like women’s bodies, their feet come in all shapes and sizes.


Nike is supreme at making comfortable shoes. You will be familiar with the Nike Air, but you may be less familiar with what it actually gives you.

  • The Air technology within the shoes sits in the heel and provides a responsive, resilient and protective cushioning for your foot.
  • It also ensures that the heel has a snugger fit than the toes – which is always welcome.

If you want the best Nike running shoes for women, check out the Flyknit options within the collection. The dynamic Flyknit technology provides a greater ability to control and personalize the level of support that you can get from the shoe.


Nike are big on durability and have developed and engineered Duralon which is a reinforced rubber that is not on super lightweight, but highly durable. The Duralon outsoles also give you great traction, so you are not going to slip. The outsoles also work together with the midsoles to ensure that your foot is well protected – another great feature of Nike running shoes for women.


The problem with many sneakers is that although they look good, the weight means that they are restrictive for the user. Nike have got around this problem by only including the necessaries in the designs. Midsoles are now Phylon which is:

  • Resilient.
  • Cushioning.
  • More lightweight than previous designs.

Every step has been taken to reduce the impact of unnecessary weight on the wearer.


  • The collections that Nike have created are diverse, whether you want a shoe for running, training, or as a fashion statement, there are shoes every woman. Nike shoes for women are technical but not at the expense of looking sensational too.
  • Nike are the reverse to Henry Ford. You can have any color so long as it’s black – the colorways and patterns that are available across the collections are as varied as the styles they offer. The colors on offer are designed to excite and inspire you, and while this may not be top of your list when choosing a running or training shoe, why not? You know that the technology in the shoe is the best that money can buy, so why should you compromise on the aesthetics? If you look good, you feel good too.


Nike shoes for women are not just for training and sports. They are a versatile addition to your wardrobe and can be worn every day for any occasion. If they are good enough for the catwalks, they are good enough for the sidewalks.

Dress down a glamorous dress

You may have dresses in your closet that only see the light of day for high days and holidays, so why not dress down your favorite dress with a pair of trainers and add some glamor to your day?

Wear to work

We’re not talking about wearing your old near worn out pair of sneakers that you’ve had forever, but rather a pair that can blend in with your work attire to make your commute more comfortable. The need to carry an extra pair of shoes a thing of the past.

Wear with skirts

People often think that wearing a pair of trainers with a skirt can make your legs cut off at the ankle. However, if you wear a pair of trainers that exposes as much ankle as possible such as the Nike Air Presto, you will find that your legs are elongated.

Show them off

While you may take great pleasure in your sneakers, why not show them off a little more, and spread the love? Update your look by:

  • Turning up the hem of your jeans or trousers.
  • Pairing them with culottes.
  • Investing in a fashionable pair of wide leg, cut off jeans or trousers.

By wearing ankle grazers, you to bring attention to your trainers.

Come and speak to us

At GB Sneakers we love all things to do with trainers, and if you want any advice or assistance choosing the right pair from our collection of Nike shoes for women, or any of the other brands that we stock, reach out! We are more than happy to help you find the right shoes to meet your needs – happy feet make us happy!

Whether you want running shoes to help you achieve your personal best, a pair of the new Jordan retros, or after the latest additions to our collection to meet your personal style, we want to hear from you. If you can’t get to one of our stores, we can be contacted online or by phone.

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