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Article: The Great Debate: Colored or White Sneakers?

The Great Debate: Colored or White Sneakers?

The Great Debate: Colored or White Sneakers?

Some things in life are necessary for survival: food, water, shelter, and trainers. You may think that trainers are not an essential part of life, but by the end of this article, you will be in absolute agreement. Trainers are the unsung heroes of every wardrobe, and if you are the only person on the planet who doesn’t own a pair, it’s time you got on board.

Before we start debating which is the more superior between colored or white sneakers, you need to understand exactly how to wear them. Just because everyone wears them, doesn’t mean that they wear their trainers to the full potential. There are unspoken rules about wearing trainers, and to guide you through the do’s and don’ts of looking great in them, here they are:


You may already own a fabulous pair of trainers, but the quickest way to turn them from fab to drab is by over wearing them. Aim to have two or three pairs of trainers that you love. This way you will be able to:

  • Make them last longer, without quickly destroying them.
  • Have a variety for all outfit choices and occasions.
  • Remain effortless and cool.

You want your trainers to remain an asset to your wardrobe and style, rather than the things that let you down.

Look holistically at your outfit

How many times have you walked down the street and noticed an amazing pair of trainers that are dominated by what can only be described as a denim abomination? There is no need for your trainers to be the full stop of an awful sentence. You want your trainers to be noticed for the right reasons – an exclamation of great style!

One way to avoid a trouser disaster with your trainers is to pinroll them. Have you noticed how some people manage to curate their look to somehow naturally show off their trainers? If you don’t want to be wearing leggings, super tight jeans or joggers, you can simply roll up your trousers to show some ankle. However, avoid overdoing it – you don’t want pedal pushers – just trousers that don’t stack up on the top of your trainers.


Never stick to one style just because you always have done, experiment. With that said, some rules should never be broken.

High tops require a simple style:

  • Avoid wearing them with trouser suits, it just doesn’t work, and you will end up with your trousers flopping at the top of them.
  • ·Stick to skinny jeans, fitted pants, or dress up your high tops with a dress or skirt for an easy style.

Low tops are more versatile in their use, but you may not want versatility, you may want to make a statement. This is where the question of colored or white sneakers starts. What statement do you want your trainers to be making?

For White Sneakers

White shoes such as the Diadora B. Elite, are a classic wardrobe staple. They go with every color and add sharpness and freshness to any casual outfit that you are wearing. A fresh pair of white sneakers complements any style.

For that reason alone, they should be included within your trainer rotation. You no longer need to fathom out whether your shoes go with your outfit. Instead, the problem is erased, and you will be accentuating your effortless style.

No matter what your personal style is, there are a pair of white sneakers that will update you to 2018 and elevate you in the echelons of style. The trick is to wear white sneakers without looking like a tourist.

For women

White sneakers for women can really transform a winter’s outfit by creating a juxtaposition between the darker richer colors worn in winter, which looks naturally chic. Don’t be afraid of wearing them with long skirts to give a flowing silhouette that is punctuated by the white.

For the warmer weather, white sneakers are a must! They can amplify your tan and reenergize a previously tired outfit. Follow the rules above for making sure that the rest of your outfit is enhanced by the trainers, rather than ruined!

For men

White sneakers for men have been the height of sophistication and style since James Dean and Steve McQueen honed their iconic styles, and their versatility means that they can be worn with suits, a pair of shorts or joggers. Worn with darker denim or trousers, they become the center of attention and give a contemporary kick to any outfit.

Woah, how do I clean white sneakers?

White sneakers are, of course, only the go-to color for trainers if they remain white and are not being paraded gray or have succumbed to white sneaker blight by turning yellow. White trainers have a tendency to turn yellow as the sunlight oxidizes the chemicals that have been used to make them bright white.

How to clean white sneakers correctly:

  • Remove the laces – hand wash them in warm water and let them air dry, but you may need to buy new ones.
  • Stuff the shoes with newspaper so that you can handle them better, it also allows any moisture to be absorbed by the paper rather than into the material of your shoe.
  • Use a damp magic eraser to clean the spots of yellow.
  • When the shoes are completely dry, use white shoe polish and apply it with even strokes. Use a Q-tip to get into the hard to reach spots.
  • Leave the shoes to dry again in a warm spot. Avoid direct sunlight!

For Colored Sneakers

In 1985, Michael Jordan managed to ignite our passion and obsession for colored sneakers when he broke the NBA rule that players had to wear white high top sneakers on the basketball court. His red and black sneakers changed the trainer world overnight. Could he have foreseen the impact that his flouting of the rules would have on the world? Since then we have become a nation of sneaker enthusiasts. There is no limit to the colors that now pace the streets, and the styles on which they are displayed.

Any other color than black, navy or gray is going to make a statement, and whether you are ready to make that statement depends on you! When pairing your colored sneakers with an outfit, you need to consider the following:

  • The outfit that you are wearing needs to be neutral.
  • You do not want to be making too many statements – you want your style to be fluid and organic.
  • Avoid matching accessories - it isn’t the 90s anymore!


So, which do you prefer? Colored or white sneakers? The wonderful thing about sneakers is that there is no wrong or right answer to the great debate. You just have to love them, and let your heart make the call!

At GB Sneakers we have a vast collection of trainers that will satisfy your personal style and taste. If you need any advice or assistance, or even want to air an opinion, get in touch. Alternatively, you can come into our store, contact us through our website, or give us a call.

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