Which Style? The 5 Top Sneakers for Men

April 13, 2018

Which Style? The 5 Top Sneakers for Men

Fashions come, and fashions go, but sneakers are one wardrobe staple that has remained universally on trend. No matter where you are from or what job you do, sneaker appreciation crosses borders, cultures, and ages. Your personal style can be swiftly elevated with a pair of sneakers, but how do you choose the best sneakers for men? To guide you through your thought process, and to offer guidance on the best shoe for you, here are 5 styles of the top sneakers for men.

1.The Minimalist

Sometimes less is more. The minimalist sneaker can be found in every sneaker collection across the brands. Their appeal is that they can be worn in any situation, and as an addition to any outfit. Whether you are a preppy styled Silicon Valley executive or a man about town, the minimalist sneaker does not discriminate – it just provides a quiet sophistication with a retro nod to style. Don’t think that you need to be the shy and retiring type when it comes to choosing this understated footwear, you still have great opportunity to make a statement. Check out these classic Puma trainers – they are the ultimate in minimalist design, but manage to scream out with the luxe colorway.

2.The Maximalist

Whereas the minimalist sneakers do not discriminate, their alter ego the maximalist trainer means business – of the casual type. If you want to make a statement, these bad boys are your ticket. They come in an extensive range of colorways and are the classic style of the sports brands – you will be familiar already with the Jordan sneakers for men. The bolder, the better, and that includes the retro styles that maintain their position at head of the leaderboard for inspirational footwear.

3.The Sunday Best

We all have those occasions when we need to make more effort than usual, whether it's for a first date or just to wear to work. The Sunday best sneakers are the hybrid shoe between outright casual and formal, and they give you comfort but not at the expense of style. Choose darker colors so that your footwear doesn’t become the sole (excuse the pun) focus of attention! If your shoe is monochrome, the smarter it will appear, although there are many red bottom sneakers for men that can be a contrasting and sharp addition to any outfit. The connotations of Louboutin’s trademark red sole have found their way into the men’s footwear market too.

4.The Convenient

Slip ons can provoke a strong reaction. Sneakerheads can be split into two categories: those who do and those who don’t. However, their versatility and ease of use make them such a convenient shoe – it’s undeniable. Whether you wear them with or without socks will depend on the temperature outside, but the fact that you can wear them year-round makes them a possible and serious contender for being the best casual sneakers for men. While Vans have made their perennial success what it is today, luxury brands have jumped on the bandwagon too.

5.The Workhorse

Sometimes you just need a pair of trainers to be a workhorse rather than a crowd-pleasing stallion. You want to be able to cover miles or complete chores comfortably in footwear that gives you proper support and is functional. The good news is that functional trainers and sneakers for men are no longer limited by being (solely) associated with seniors and have been made into a fashion-forward choice for the discerning gentleman during the 2018 international fashion weeks.

Things to consider when buying sneakers for men?

Whether you are buying trainers for yourself or a gift somebody else, the style and color of the footwear are not the only things you need to consider. Here are some additional things that you need to think about.

  • ·Size – Yes, it sounds obvious, but some brands don’t always fit true to size, and so its always best to check with us if there are any brand variations when it comes to sizing.
  • ·Images – Unless you are coming into our store, you rely on the images that we post to get a clear idea of what you are buying. We give you four images to look at – from all angles: the top, the bottom, and the side profiles, so take a look!
  • ·Materials – The images on the website can certainly guide you as to what to expect from the shoe but have a read of the product description to get a fuller feel of what materials the sneakers are made from. Choose a sneaker with material that will suit what you want it for – while suede is a fabulous material, it fares less well in rainy and wet conditions than say leather.

If you have any questions about our sneaker collection, do not hesitate to get in touch. Our teams are ready and waiting to provide you with knowledgeable and friendly guidance through this minefield of buying trainers. If you can’t get into our stores, you can contact us online, by phone, or through social media – don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter to get latest sale info and new releases.

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